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Move Your Organization Forward, No Matter Where You Are

We live in an age of unbounded opportunity enabled by technology: Ongoing advances in cloud computing, mobile devices and the Internet of Things are enabling ideas and data to flow whenever and wherever they’re needed so your people can drive greater innovation and value.

Unfortunately, this networked world is full of constantly evolving threats. You need to know that your devices and your data are secure in the public cloud, in private clouds, on-premise or in any hybrid of these. That protection also must extend from the core of your network down into each laptop, server, smartphone and tablet.

That’s exactly what we enable with our integrated approach to security. For decades, we have helped defend the most sensitive commercial and government data and systems from the latest threats.

We’re ready to go with you into any environment so that your organization can focus on your mission while we focus on ours: Keeping you secure.

Read on for more about the ways that we help you deploy securely into any environment:



Secure Your Cloud Environment While Minimizing Time and Effort

We truly live in a cloud-first world: CIOs believe that 2016 will be the year when more IT services live on the cloud than on-premise for the first time.* As your organization embraces a cloud-first strategy, you can enhance your security and reduce costs thanks to the breadth and depth of our cloud technology.

Our cloud-based solutions allow you to quickly deploy Web, email and cloud security to all users, regardless of location. Even better, you can achieve this without needing to purchase or maintain hardware or software, which simplifies your network footprint and reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We operate a global network of carrier-grade data centers that are CSA STAR certified compliant with ISO 27001 standards, giving you the confidence that comes with knowing your data is secure. Our 99.999% uptime service level agreement means our service is a reliable complement to your cloud infrastructure.

When you use our cloud offerings, you also enjoy these advantages:

  • Visibility into cloud security — Strengthen your ability to rapidly detect and analyze threats to data and applications that live in the cloud.
  • Minimized overhead — Eliminate the cost of buying, deploying, upgrading and maintaining on-premise hardware and software.
  • Maximized bandwidth — Free up local server capacity by offloading spam filtering and Web filtering to the cloud.
  • Ease of scalability — Expand Web security coverage to new offices or users with a few simple system configurations.
  • Automatic spooling for email backup — Ensure consistent availability of email in case your local systems go down.
  • Integrated Web and email security — Configure and manage Web and email security through a single user interface, thereby eliminating repetitive tasks, consolidating vendor support and reducing administrative costs.

Take a look at Forcepoint's cloud-enabled products to learn more:

* IDG Enterprise survey of IT buyers, reported in CIO Magazine November 19, 2015


Enhance Cloud and On-Premise Security with a Unified Architecture

Your organization may be one of the many that benefits most by splitting IT functions between cloud and on-premises technologies to maximize the advantages of each approach. Our hybrid architecture draws from our highly-secured, industry-leading cloud capabilities and our deep expertise in on-premise platforms to deliver unified Web and email security that’s built to evolve as your IT environment does.

Our Web and email security hybrid products allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, for example by using on-premise appliances to provide high-capacity throughput for large offices while using the cloud to secure smaller satellite offices and mobile users with no need to route traffic back to a central location.

Advantages include:

  • High-performance security that's simple and flexible. Pre-filter bulk inbound traffic in the cloud, reducing the on-premises hardware needed to carry the load, while using Forcepoint V-Series appliances or X-Series blade servers to provide control for customized policies, granular reporting and outbound data loss prevention (DLP).
  • Maximized bandwidth and reliability. Free up gateway bandwidth by automatically directing remote workers to cloud services and eliminating unwanted spam, while also reducing the risk of email server downtime from spikes in spam activity.
  • Unified management and reporting. Eliminate the extra cost and duplicated work of other hybrid deployments that have separate management systems by using the Forcepoint TRITON Unified Security Center, which consolidates management of cloud services and on-premises solutions in a single console with one visibility, policy and reporting system.
  • High availability and fault tolerance. Prevent interruptions to your Web security by automatically rerouting traffic to the nearest Forcepoint secure data center in the event that a security appliance goes offline.

Take a look at Forcepoint’s hybrid products to learn more:


Secure Your Data On Smartphones and Tablets Wherever They Are

Your staff increasingly relies on mobile devices to remain productive when they’re on the move — but are those devices secure? You need security solutions that protect your roaming users and your sensitive data in mobile environments.

Our solutions for Web security extend protection to smartphones and tablets so your users can do their work effectively without having to worry about security.

By using Forcepoint’s mobile solutions, you can:

  • Allow seamless secure access to Web resources on mobile devices for users on and off the corporate network.
  • Identify potentially malicious mobile users who take themselves offline or use encryption to avoid detection

Click the links below to find out more about Forcepoint’s products that secure your mobile devices:


Protect Laptops, Servers and Other Network Endpoints from Threats

As you pursue your organization’s mission, you can’t protect and monitor your employees every hour of the day — but we can. Our endpoint security solutions maximize your staff’s productivity by protecting them from security threats, while also pinpointing potentially risky behavior and rogue insiders.

Turn to Forcepoint for the security and the visibility you need for your employees’ MacOS, Windows and Linux endpoints as they use IM, Skype, printers, USB keys and cloud solutions such as Microsoft® Office 365. We protect individual endpoints on and off the corporate network while pinpointing abnormal or malicious behavior.

Our endpoint security solutions allow you to:

  • Intercept threats at the point of click — Thanks to TRITON ACE, users are prevented from accessing dangerous URLs or files before they can be downloaded.
  • Apply granular security policies — Our content-aware technology gives administrators granular control over who accesses which data, where they can send it and by which channel it can be sent. This data-centric approach allows you to apply the appropriate action in each case, whether that means blocking, notifying, removing, quarantining, auditing or encrypting. Even better, policies can be shared among our products, sparing you tedious rework.
  • Know what users are doing — We offer multiple ways to ensure that your users are adhering to policies, whether they are on or off the corporate network, as well as the ability to replay their actions for rapid analysis.
  • Find external threats wherever they try to hide — We can analyze thousands of endpoints on the fly to find stealthy malware, unauthorized programs and other potential indicators of compromise and minimize the dwell time of attacks.
  • Stop data exfiltration before it can happen — Our DLP technology gives you powerful safeguards to prevent exfiltration of your critical data, regardless of where that data resides.

Find out more about Forcepoint products that secure your organization’s endpoints:


Enjoy High Performance with Preconfigured On-Premise Security Solutions

For decades, many of our customers in business and government have operated under the most stringent security requirements in order to handle highly sensitive financial, healthcare, intellectual property and intelligence data. Our experience serving them gives you the assurance that our on-premise deployments will address your toughest security challenges.

Optimized for performance and reliability. Forcepoint appliances are preconfigured to eliminate vulnerabilities from unnecessary software, open ports, default logins and more, easing your deployment and enhancing your security. They also include unique technology to simplify the deployment of redundant, load-balanced clusters, increasing the throughput of your implementation.

Our on-premise offerings include:

  • Forcepoint V-Series Appliances Powerful and flexible yet simple to deploy, V-Series appliances support Web security, email security and data security on a single appliance.
  • Forcepoint X-Series Appliance Count on the only secure Web gateway with enough power for large enterprises to run the real-time contextual defenses needed for effective containment of advanced attacks and data theft.
  • Forcepoint I-Series Appliances — Complement your TRITON AP-WEB Cloud deployment by adding flexibility and control over Web traffic flow for analysis, improved traffic speed in bottleneck locations and additional application and protocol control.