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Forcepoint Products and Solutions
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Forcepoint was created to empower organizations to drive their business forward by safely embracing transformative technologies – cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IOT), and others – through a unified, cloud-centric platform that safeguards users, networks and data while eliminating the inefficiencies involved in managing a collection of point security products.

Our platform protects against threats from insiders and outsiders, rapidly detect breaches, minimize “dwell time” – the period between compromise and remediation – and stop theft. With Forcepoint, organizations can protect users, networks and data in the cloud, on the road, and in the office. We simplify compliance, enable better decision-making and streamline security so that our customers can concentrate on what’s important to them.

We empower you to:

Forcepoint was created by uniting the user protection, data security and cloud expertise of Websense with the defense-grade insider threat and analytics technology of Raytheon and the next-generation network protection capabilities of Stonesoft.

That’s why more than 20,000 organizations around the world rely on Forcepoint to reduce risk and handle threats so they can focus their full attention on what matters most to them.

Forcepoint Products and Software

Content Security

  • TRITON APX Suite
    Deploy comprehensive security with integrated management for your enterprise
    Stop advanced, targeted attacks, identify high risk users and control insider threats
    Industry leading protection against advanced threats and data theft

Add-On Modules

Advanced Analytics

  • SureView Analytics
    Rapidly search and analyze large amounts of data to detect cyber and real-world threats

Insider Threat Data Protection

    Stop data theft, meet regulatory compliance and secure your intellectual property from internal and external threats
    Stop advanced threats and secure sensitive data for roaming users
  • SureView Insider Threat
    The visibility and context you need to eliminate insider threats

Security for Cloud

Web Filtering

Network Security

Cross Domain Access & Transfer

Forcepoint Appliances

V-Series Appliances

V-Series Appliances

Forcepoint V5000 and V10000 appliances are based on a preconfigured, security-hardened platform designed to support flexible deployment of our best-in-class Web, Email, Data and Endpoint security solutions.

X-Series Appliances

X-Series Appliances

Forcepoint X-Series appliance utilizes the ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) that enables real-time composite defense assessments of inbound and outbound traffic in high traffic environments.

I-Series Appliances

I-Series Appliances

Forcepoint i500 and i500v appliances complement TRITON AP-WEB Cloud deployment by adding flexibility and control over Web traffic flow for analysis, improving traffic speed in bottleneck locations and adding application and protocol control.