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Forcepoint URL Filtering
The Industry's Most Effective, Continually Up-to-date Web Filtering Solution

Forcepoint URL Filtering

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Forcepoint URL Filtering
Forcepoint URL Filtering
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Forcepoint URL Filtering provides defenses against productivity draining web content and threats to operations. It ensures organizational productivity by delivering defenses against productivity draining web activity while providing the necessary security in a world of advanced threats. This solution is easy to manage, enables compliance around controlling categories of materials accessed via Web and is not intrusive.

Why is Forcepoint the best choice?

Forcepoint - a new company with a fresh approach to cybersecurityintegrates Websense, Raytheon Cyber Products and Stonesoft, each with rich histories of innovation. As a joint venture, Forcepoint has a powerful asset to help keep customers safe - ongoing access to the extensive resources, intellectual property and cyber expertise of Raytheon to address the hardest problems in the cyber landscape.

Unique to other solutions is our filtering’s efficacy, as the solution leverages Forcepoint’s renowned Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence which collects and analyzes up to 5 billion incidents every day, from over 155 countries, producing updated threat analytics for Forcepoint solutions at up to 3.2 updates per second.

The Forcepoint URL Filtering solution blocks Web threats to reduce malware infections, decrease help desk incidents and free up valuable IT resources. With more than 120 security and filtering categories, hundreds of Web application and protocol controls, and 60-plus reports with customization and role-based access, Forcepoint URL Filtering is an easy to deploy and transparent filter and security solution that avoids the complexity of a proxy gateway.

Unified Management and Reporting

Forcepoint URL Filtering’s intuitive management and reporting is accessed via the unified TRITON Architecture user interface, simplifying provisioning and enabling role-based reporting. It includes more than 60 pre-defined reports, many easily customizable reports and administrative alerts. The TRITON architecture supports expansion to Email, Data, Mobile security products and more.

Granular Policy Controls

With industry-leading web security policy controls, organizations can truly customize the solution to meet the specific productivity and content compliance needs of the organization. Choose from over 120 Web security and content categories, as well as identify where time quotas are needed. Select from multiple authentication options available by users or groups. Create custom allow/deny filters that can be timed or permanent, and allow security intelligence from third-party sources. The solution has controls addressing viral, entertainment and surveillance videos, plus support for YouTube educational videos. In addition, Forcepoint URL Filtering provides hundreds of controls for applications and protocols as well as full port monitoring outside of proxy analysis.

Connects 900M Endpoints & Up to 5B Requests/Day

  • Analyzes up to 5 billion requests per day
  • Recieves input from over 155 countries
  • Distributes up to 3.2 intel pieces per second

Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence

Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence is managed by Forcepoint’s Security Labs threat intelligence experts that ensure the distribution of the highest quality human-vetted information at a rate of up to 3.2 intelligence alerts per second. Forcepoint ThreatSeeker scours the vast expanse of online content for potential threats, receiving global input from over 155 countries and, working in parallel with Forcepoint ACE, analyzes up to 5 billion requests per day. This expansive awareness of security threats enables Forcepoint URL Filtering to deliver real-time security updates that block advanced threats, malware, phishing attacks, lures and scams, plus provide the latest web ratings.

Increase Productivity

  • Industry-leading policy controls, including time quotas
  • Over 120 web categories, including videos, productivity and bandwidth

Improve Protection

  • Reduce malware infections and the risks of data theft and damage to reputation
  • Reduce help desk incidents and time spent re-imaging systems
  • Free up IT resources to enable new business operations

Intuitive Management and Reporting

  • Set of four customizable dashboards for a comprehensive view into network activity and threat levels
  • More than 60 pre-defined reports for display of business and technical information
  • Easy customization, generation and distribution of reports

Best Protection Without a Proxy

  • Security intelligence from the ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud
  • Real-time security updates for the latest protection and ratings


1. Web filtering with ThreatSeeker threat intelligence

Identify threats with over 10,000 analytics, machine learning and other advanced techniques maintained through real-time global threat intelligence with Forcepoint Web Security.

2. Granular user behavior analysis and productivity reporting

More than 60 reports with customization and role-based access.

3. Customizable allowed/denied url filters

Utilize both timed and/or permanent web filters for managing access to websites.

4. Industry-leading web security policy controls

More than 120 security and content categories


You Needs Forcepoint Solutions
Easy installation and management Web Security offers transparent proxy-free deployment, and is easily integrated into your existing network infrastructure.
Real-time security updates for threat protection Web Security receives real-time security updates from Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence to help protect against the latest advanced threats, malware, phishing and scams.
Analyze, manage and monitor threat levels and network activity Forcepoint URL Filtering includes an intuitive, web-based console and dashboards that provide complete visibility into current threat levels, network activity and security policy enforcement. Reporting is easy and intuitive.
Video controls to protect network resources, plus custom allow/deny filters Forcepoint URL Filtering allows the viewing of YouTube educational videos, and provides control over viral, entertainment and surveillance videos. Custom allow/deny filters can be timed to expire for special events, and they support exceptions to remediate help desk incidents.
Network port monitoring with application and protocol controls The integrated Network Agent provides full port monitoring that includes monitoring of traffic outside of proxy analysis, and has controls for hundreds of applications and protocols.
Remote and Cloud user protection An optional remote filter Module and/or a Web Filter Security Cloud Module provides web access to remote users for protection against threats and enforcement of policies.
Real Time Advanced Threat Defense Upgrade to Forcepoint Web Security to get social media controls, SSL inspection, inline ACE real-time security and data loss prevention (DLP), and an advanced threat dashboard for forensic reporting and data theft capture during security incidents.


Download the Forcepoint URL Filtering Datasheet (.PDF)

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Forcepoint URL Filtering
Forcepoint URL Filtering
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