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Find Out Why More Than 500 Financial Institutions Rely on Forcepoint for Security

Defend against targeted attacks, identify high-risk users and control insider threats to keep your organization protected and compliant.

Financial institutions face stiff requirements for data security compliance as well as intense scrutiny from customers, regulators and shareholders. Every day, your institution’s reputation — and your own — is on the line. All it takes is one failed audit or media report of a data breach to cause irreparable harm to your business.

Yet none of that removes the pressures from the other direction: To move quickly, to innovate, to adopt new technologies. To compete.

Forcepoint solutions are designed to help you strike the right balance, bringing you proactive security while empowering your institution to innovate and grow. They deliver real-time visibility and actionable guidance for your IT team and your end users alike.

4D Cybersecurity: Defend, Detect, Decide, Defeat

Our products follow our 4D model to protect you against determined adversaries, internal and external, so you can safely and efficiently use your data wherever and whenever you need it. Unified security across email, Web and endpoints helps you manage risks, demonstrate compliance and maximize your effectiveness against advanced threats. When attacks do get in — and they will — our solutions help you minimize their dwell time so you can get back to normal quickly.

Manage Insider Risks

Your employees are your greatest asset, but they can also be your greatest source of risk for data theft. Our approach encourages them to be a positive part of your data security posture, providing guidance on potential malicious websites and helping them adhere to your internal policies for optimal productivity and security. This means that both your IT staff and your line-of-business employees become better at guarding against spear phishing and other malware attacks. The combination of TRITON DLP capabilities and SureView Insider Threat (for U.S.-based customers) gives you an unmatched ability to detect risky or malicious user behavior and prevent the exfiltration of data — so you can stay out of the headlines.

Improve Security Operations

Forcepoint makes your security operations team more effective and efficient by minimizing false positives and providing actionable threat intelligence against signature-less and evolving threats. Our products are designed to be easy to use, which frees up your skilled personnel to spend more time — and use our advanced capabilities — to defend against ransomware attacks, banking Trojans and other targeted threats.

Embrace Technology to Innovate Faster

Banks and credit unions are offering more consumer products and services than ever before, from new payment networks to personal finance tools. That means they are partnering with Cloud-based FinTech companies, which opens them up to new risks. Forcepoint’s industry-leading Cloud security capabilities enable you to embrace Cloud and mobile banking applications with confidence. Our solutions help you protect your customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII), your employees’ personal data and your own intellectual property, in the Cloud or on-premise.

Find out more about how Forcepoint helps financial institutions maintain trust:

  • TRITON AP-DATA prevents data theft, accelerates compliance and safeguards your reputation
  • TRITON AP-EMAIL stops advanced, targeted attacks and controls insider threats
  • TRITON AP-WEB delivers comprehensive protection against Advanced Threats and data theft
  • Threat Protection Appliance secures your on-premise IT architecture from the most sophisticated malware, tailored attacks and APTs
  • SureView Insider Threat (for U.S.-based customers) identifies your riskiest users and helps you track behavior that can lead to data breaches
  • TRITON RiskVision expands your current security solution with actionable threat intelligence into data theft attempts
  • TRITON AP-ENDPOINT protects sensitive data stored on MacOS, Linux or Windows computers


Security for Cloud

Content Security

Data & Insider Threat Protection

Better Protection, Simpler Compliance, and Safer Innovation for Healthcare Organizations

You want to focus on providing superior care and improving patient outcomes. Yet data breaches or gaps in compliance tie up your resources and inhibit your ability to do great work. Forcepoint is here to help.

Healthcare organizations need to move faster than ever to deliver better treatment, stay ahead of compliance regulations and innovate on behalf of patients and other stakeholders. At the same time, though, you need to have confidence that your sensitive data is truly secure.

Based on our decades of experience, Forcepoint offers industry-leading security solutions so you can protect your reputation and your patients’ trust while enabling your healthcare professionals to access patient data wherever and whenever they need it to provide the best care.

Secure protected health information and intellectual property today and tomorrow

Your patients rely on you to protect both their health and personal data, and your entire organization requires strong safeguards for intellectual property. If data is stolen, then it’s your reputation — and bottom line — that suffers. Forcepoint cybersecurity products protect you by allowing you to:

  • Identify and fix broken business processes that cause data theft
  • Secure your research and intellectual property
  • Protect guest networks with the same level of security as your LAN

Protect yourself from insider threats

Current cybersecurity research from many sources agrees that threats from insiders are one of the fastest-growing areas of risk for organizations of all types. Our own findings bear this out for healthcare: Most of the organizations we talk to have experienced an insider data breach. The powerful combination of TRITON AP-DATA and SureView Insider Threat enable you to:

  • Flag risky behaviors from your end users that could precede a data breach
  • Record the exact actions taken by your employees for security analysis
  • Place your riskiest users into a high-watch group for greater scrutiny

Streamline compliance and regulation processes

Staying in compliance shouldn’t interfere with delivering great care. That’s why we work so hard to streamline your compliance processes, which frees you up to focus on your primary mission. Our solutions make it easy for you to:

  • Get up and running quickly using preconfigured templates
  • Stay current with a library of policies tested in the real world and constantly updated
  • Demonstrate your progress on compliance issues between audits

Safely embrace new technology to stay competitive

Your professionals rely on use of the latest networked devices to deliver the best care for patients. Yet today’s open environments in healthcare facilities can invite both outside attacks and internal negligence. We help you protect your critical data in many ways, including:

  • Secure MacOS, Windows and Linux endpoints on and off the corporate network
  • Safely embrace cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365.
  • Share records with trusted partners using enforced encryption of email and USB devices

Click through the links below to find out more about how our products help your organization provide better patient outcomes while staying secure.


Better Access to Information While Defending More Effectively Against Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

Government agencies in the U.S. and abroad operate under tightened budgets and an increased need to protect citizens, networks and sensitive data. As these agencies tackle modernization with more streamlined infrastructure, systems management and administration, there are seven key ingredients that — when approached deliberately and simultaneously — result in better access to information while defending more effectively against cyber threats and vulnerabilities:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Advanced Threat Detection and Protection
  • Insider Threat and Data Theft Protection
  • Endpoint Threat Detection and Response
  • Cross Domain Solutions/Network Segmentation
  • Mobile Security and Application Enablement
  • Data Discovery and Advanced Analytics

Forcepoint™ provides an interconnected approach to cybersecurity through this comprehensive, innovative, flexible and scalable solutions portfolio that meets customers’ high-security needs today and in the future.

Justice & Public Safety

Advanced Analytics

Faster, More Productive Data Analysis to Reduce Crime

Stay ahead of criminal activity with an easy-to-use, information-sharing and analysis platform proven to enhance the tempo and targeting of law enforcement investigations and to have a real impact on crime.

Law enforcement agencies must constantly adapt to rapidly evolving situations and make greater use of the new types of intelligence made available by today’s technology. Doing so enables faster, more effective targeting of criminals and terrorists, as well as much more effective cooperation among agencies who share the mission of improving public safety.

Today, agencies are fighting crime with Forcepoint technologies that enable analysts and investigators to quickly and easily access, understand, analyze and react to huge amounts of data, whether in-house or across jurisdictions. Our solutions are enabling New York, Arizona and other states to significantly reduce crime.

Thanks to advanced searching capabilities that access vast pools of data on the fly, agencies have access to critical information in seconds, not days. Analysts and decision makers — including agents and peace officers in the field — can access that information immediately through visualizations and custom reports that convey advanced temporal, statistical, geospatial and link analysis in easy-to-digest ways.

The result: Faster, better-informed decisions and actions to keep the public safe.

Sureview Analytics for Law Enforcement Solution

SureView Analytics is an agile, adaptable and scalable mobile-enabled federated search and visualization platform that increases speed, collaboration and effectiveness for your investigators and field agents. It provides access to the sources your organization deems mission-critical and applies automation, advanced data discovery and visualization capabilities to rapidly deliver key insights for investigations. Even better, our federated search technology uniquely does not need to duplicate data for processing, enabling better information sharing while ensuring lower IT and compliance costs.