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Security for Cloud Providers and Consumers

Security for Cloud

Provide the Necessary Security Required to Enable Fast, Yet Secure Adoption of SaaS Applications for Users

Cloud computing introduces new challenges to both business and government organizations. For organizations that are transitioning to the Cloud, CISOs may have concerns about how many cloud applications are in use and who are the most aggressive users. They want visibility and control over the applications that are permitted and the ability to restrict to those that are not. Cloud computing can also put data at risk as it moves through different technologies and is accessed increasingly outside of your network. In addition, most cloud-mature organizations require security solutions that are cloud or hybrid deployable in order to reduce their data center footprint - ultimately to zero.

Cloud providers – who are often cloud users as well – face these and other risks when trying to secure data in their cloud data centers. Securely operating hundreds (or thousands) of Linux servers in today’s threat landscape requires endpoint security designed specifically for highly scalable environments. Knowing that you are protected from the latest SSH backdoor, exploits and spy kits will help you to fulfill your business goals and move forward without fear.

Forcepoint offers these solutions to help you drive your cloud goals forward:

  • Microsoft Office 365 / Cloud App Security
  • Threat Protection for Linux App Farms
  • Discovering Cloud App Usage
  • Web/Email Security in the Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 / Cloud App Security

Security for Cloud

Content Security

Industry-Leading Security Expertise for a Cloud-First World

In order to remain lean, efficient and competitive, many organizations have moved to Microsoft Office 365 or are planning to in the near future. They are eager to reap the benefits of empowering users to collaborate and communicate anywhere from virtually any device.

The Office 365 Security GAP

A survey of CISOs planning to migrate to Office 365 revealed that more than 50% delayed deployment due to security concerns*, knowing that adopting new technology for business efficiency often brings additional security challenges. Office 365 comes with rudimentary security features that might be appropriate for some small businesses, but enterprises quickly find that it doesn't provide the quality of security tools that they truly need to secure IP or meet regulatory compliance.

To combat inbound attacks and advanced threats, Forcepoint applies thousands of real-time analytics to identify zero-day and other unknown threats, while our threat intelligence network offers updates at a rate of 3.2 per second, based on global observations of emerging threat activity from over 155 countries. This provides the predictive insights that are required to meet today's more targeted, advanced threats.

To control the risks of data loss, Forcepoint provides enterprise-class DLP for email and web traffic, with options for deployment in the same Microsoft Azure cloud as Office 365. Off-network users can be secured with the same policies on Windows, Linux, and even Mac endpoints, helping secure IP and comply with GLBA, PCI-DSS, SDPL, HIPPA, PHI and more in multiple languages.

Finally, extensive endpoint insider threat defenses are also available to further monitor and control potentially malicious endpoint activity. Detect, discover, and deter risky, malicious or abusive activity that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Forcepoint draws on unique cloud capabilities and many years of industry leadership to address your concerns about cloud security and empower your organization to move forward in the cloud. As you use Office 365 and other enterprise cloud solutions, our products give you:

  • Advanced threat defenses that include comprehensive and contextual threat analytics, behavioral sandboxing, URL wrapping and other innovative capabilities
  • Extensible email security with options for encryption, archiving, Image analysis and phishing education.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities that far surpass the lightweight DLP functions within Office 365, giving you the protection of true enterprise-grade DLP with the option to deploy in the Microsoft Azure cloud and enabling you to discover and protect data in the cloud
  • Rapid compliance improvements thanks to hundreds of pre-built policies including regulatory requirements from almost 60 countries with creation, customization and reporting to help deliver value in any organization
  • PreciseID fingerprinting, which allows detection of of even partial fingerprints of structured or unstructured data even on endpoints operating off the corporate network
  • Full discovery and remediation for MacOS, Windows and Linux endpoints for on- and off-network users
  • Unified central management of inbound and outbound activity across web, email and endpoint improves the detection, reporting, analysis and investigations of malicious activity

As you migrate to the cloud with Office 365, security must not be sacrificed. Forcepoint delivers enterprise-class inbound and outbound defense for email, Web and endpoint to empower users to safely collaborate and communicate anywhere from virtually any device.

Securely Embracing Cloud Apps

For organizations transitioning other aspects of their operations to the Cloud, CISOs may have concerns about how many cloud applications are in use, who are the most aggressive users, and how to implement appropriate controls. In addition, most cloud-mature organizations require security solutions that are cloud- or hybrid-deployable in order to reduce their data center footprint — ultimately to zero.

Forcepoint products can provide the visibility, security, and control to safely embrace all the benefits the cloud has to offer, while centralizing many of the management and reporting aspects to reduce the workload on IT.

Web/Email Security for Distributed Organizations

Security for Cloud

Meet Determined Attacks with an Equally-Coordinated Defense that Protects Users Everywhere

Modern, advanced threats involve many dynamic parts that rapidly evolve across multiple stages of the threat lifecycle, with highly-coordinated delivery that shifts between web and email channels in search of a weakness in your defenses. These determined attacks must be met with an equally-coordinated defense that protects users in the office, on the road, or at home.

Built on the Forcepoint TRITON architecture, TRITON AP-WEB and TRITON AP-EMAIL can be used independently – or ideally deployed together for the only unified web and email defense of its kind to protect users on and off the network. From advanced static and behavioral malware analysis to enterprise-class data loss prevention (DLP), Forcepoint customers enjoy a broad range of industry-leading technologies to counter the highly-evasive nature of modern threats. These advanced defenses maintain optimal effectiveness as the Forcepoint Threatseeker Intelligence Cloud offers updates at a rate of 3.2 per second, based on real-time observations of emerging threat activity in over 155 countries.

Forcepoint empowers you to safely embrace new technologies and cloud services, like Microsoft Office 365, to enjoy all of the benefits they can bring to your organization. Take advantage of easy deployment with AP-WEB and AP-EMAIL for the cloud, choose a more traditional on-premise installation, or even a hybrid deployment that delivers the best of both styles for different office locations. Regardless of your deployment preference, the TRITON architecture ensures full unified management and coordination of inbound and outbound defenses across the gateway, even as your network continues to evolve in the future.

Discovering Cloud App Usage

Security for Cloud

Uncover High-Risk Cloud Application Usage and Users Putting Your Data at Risk

How many cloud applications are in use in your organization? While your IT organization is aware of unsanctioned cloud use, they may underestimate just how many and which apps are exposing you to risk. Cloud application visibility identifies critical data threats from “shadow IT” by uncovering high-risk cloud application usage and those users putting your data at risk. It empowers IT to work with business leaders to identify safer, alternative cloud applications.

Forcepoint recommends TRITON RiskVision to gain actionable threat intelligence into data theft, advanced cyber threats, and other sources of risk to your critical data.

Threat Protection for Linux App Farms

Security for Cloud

Look Into the Memory of All Linux Systems to Detect Signs of Trouble

Like an X-ray for your servers, this solution looks deep into the memory of each of your Linux systems and uses that information to detect any signs of trouble. It automates Linux memory forensics to verify the integrity of the kernel and processes on each server, detecting backdoors, rootkits, and other unauthorized signs of intrusion. Just like an X-ray shows a physician where the trouble is, this solution helps your security team know exactly where to focus their effort.

Forcepoint offers Threat Protection for Linux to detect potential threats and unauthorized programs on your Linux servers.