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Data & Insider Threat Protection

Defend Your Critical Data from Malicious Insiders, Outsiders and Data Lost Through Broken Business Processes

You need to protect your organization’s sensitive data, whether it’s personally identifying information (PII) of customers or your own financial records and intellectual property. We offer comprehensive solutions to prevent breaches and keep your data secure.

It seems like a new data breach hits the headlines every week. Businesses and government agencies alike are sent reeling when it’s revealed that they didn’t do enough to protect credit card numbers, patient records or other sensitive information. Some of these breaches are caused by multi-vector advanced persistent threats (APTs) carried out by external attackers; others arise from malicious or accidental behavior by insiders.

In this ever-more-dangerous environment, how do you stay secure — and out of the headlines?

Forcepoint™’s 4D approach to security — Defend, Detect, Decide, Defeat — protects you against determined adversaries, internal and external, so that you can safely and efficiently use your data wherever and whenever you need it. Our technology detects threat activity and provides your security team with the context and insights they need to minimize the dwell time of attacks. Using our solutions, you’ll make smarter decisions, remediate issues more quickly and prevent the exfiltration of your sensitive data.

We have decades of experience protecting data for commercial enterprises around the world as well as the most highly secure government, military and intelligence organizations. Our technology extends the capabilities of your team with:

  • Data fingerprinting for your most sensitive information so you can detect even just a partial fragment of data residing on an off network endpoint and prevent the exfiltration of data
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) functionality that protects you from data loss in the cloud, on-premise and on endpoints on and off the corporate network
  • Detailed analytics to help you understand what is normal behavior for your organization and help you identify when someone deviates from the normal and stop insider data theft
  • Preconfigured policies that allow you to get up and running faster and more effectively
  • Comprehensive Solutions that monitors data and human behavior giving you an early warning system as well as enabling you to monitor sensitive data and enforce data exfiltration controls 

Network Security

Network Firewall

Secure Your Highly Distributed Network Quickly and Reliably From a Single Console

In today’s world, organizations are more decentralized than ever before. Reliably enforcing a consistent set of security policies across your headquarters, corporate locations, divisions, branches, remote offices and even home offices is critical to your business. Even more so is doing all this without an army of people to manually configure and update each device.

Forcepoint gives you the ability to manage hundreds or thousands of next-generation firewalls from a single pane of glass. It integrates application control, sophisticated evasion prevention and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) into a single, easy-to-deploy solution.

  • Delivers superior protection against advanced evasion techniques (AETs)
  • Gives you holistic visibility into traffic and security across your distributed network
  • Offers granular and flexible access controls, with optimized workflows to make life easier for your IT security team
  • Reduces security-related downtime by 94%,* with no scheduled downtime required for software upgrades
  • Reduces network infrastructure costs by 30%*

*IDC Value Report, 2014


Security for Cloud

Content Security

Data & Insider Threat Protection

Achieve and Demonstrate Compliance Faster, Without Wasted Effort

Companies in regulated industries must comply with cybersecurity regulations, yet also keep their operations lean and competitive. We help you achieve both.

Organizations in financial services, healthcare, energy and other regulated industries must demonstrate compliance with regulations including Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPAA, FINRA, PCI and more. In such an environment, you know how important it is to get up to speed with compliance quickly, and to show improvement in adherence from one audit to the next.

Yet how do you keep the regulators happy — and genuinely improve your cybersecurity controls and tracking — without drowning in red tape? Let us show you how, using our comprehensive security product line and drawing on our decades of experience with regulated businesses and government agencies.

Forcepoint™ helps you maintain and demonstrate compliance with:

  • Pre-defined policies to address national and regional data protection regulations from almost 60 countries around the world
  • Easy setup that allows you to deploy our data loss prevention (DLP) solution in days, not months, using our set-up wizard and preconfigured templates
  • Streamlined reporting from our unified central management tools

Multilevel Security

Security Solutions to Enable Your Organization's Success

Multilevel, or Multi-Level, Security (MLS) is an approach to cybersecurity that calls for the physical separation of different networks — typically based on classification or sensitivity level — to protect an organization’s data. MLS originated in the defense and intelligence communities. Needing to secure data of varying degrees of sensitivity, these communities based their network segmentation model on their data classification schemes. This was a great model for security, but not always the most user-friendly or cost-effective.

For many years, the commercial world has taken quite a different approach to designing networks, deciding to keep them as commingled as possible. The aim has been to increase connectivity and usability while reducing costs.

Forcepoint™'s multilevel solutions were developed to deliver the best of both worlds, maintaining the high degree of security required by defense and intelligence customers while providing a more user-friendly and cost-effective environment.

For example, our Trusted Thin Client is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution that gives authorized users immediate, secure and simultaneous access to any number of permitted, virtualized networks through a single end point device (either a thin client or an application on a desktop computer or laptop). From this single device, personnel communicate and collaborate on all allowable networks, enabling them to carry out their critical tasks with maximum efficiency. Users no longer need multiple machines or cumbersome switching mechanisms to access vital data in a completely secured environment, with each network protected “in its own universe.”

Getting “Faster, Smarter, Better” Through Protected Information Sharing

Intelligence officers, analysts, commanders and warfighters use secure MLS technologies to access and transfer files and documents at speeds previously unimagined. Security now works in their favor: They are able to collaborate when and where they need to, without onerous logistical barriers. That translates to better mission decisions in real time and faster innovation  — all with less hardware and overhead.

Find out more about how our Multilevel Security solutions can enable your organization’s success: