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Websense Data Endpoint
Endpoint security solution to Identify, Monitor, Protect, and Discover Confidential Data


Websense Data Security
Websense Data Endpoint
Websense Data Endpoint, 250-499 User License, 1-Year
- Pricing Per user for Quantities 250-499
List Price: $21.18
Our Price: $18.00
Websense Data Endpoint, 500-1,000 User License, 1-Year
- Pricing Per user for Quantities 500-1,000
List Price: $17.50
Our Price: $14.88

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Data EndpointOverview:

Websense Data Endpoint monitors real-time traffic and extends visibility and control over where confidential data is allowed to migrate; who is using it; how it is being used; where it is being transferred; and what real-time action is taken to prevent data loss at the endpoint.

Secure data outside the dissolving perimeter.

The traditional security perimeter has dissolved as the modern workforce has become increasingly mobile. Studies show that Drive Media/USB is the second highest ranked breach vector for data theft. Enterprises must meet the security challenge that accompanies the productivity needs of the mobile worker. The ability to identify and secure confidential data as it migrates from protected environments onto endpoint devices is key.

Websense Data Endpoint extends the visibility and control to endpoints over what confidential data is and should be stored; who is using it; how it is being used; where it is being transferred; and what real-time action is taken to prevent data loss at the endpoint. Providing unrivaled visibility and control over copy-paste, screen capture, print, and transfer to removable media, Websense Data Endpoint can enforce policies in the endpoint environment with minimal overhead.

Why is Websense the best choice?

Websense Data Endpoint is a comprehensive, secure and easy-touse endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) solution. Data Endpoint monitors real-time traffic and extends visibility and control over where confidential data is allowed to migrate; who is using it; how it is being used; where it is being transferred; and what real-time action is taken to prevent data loss at the endpoint. Data Endpoint allows security administrators to either block or monitor and log files that present a policy breach. Forensic monitoring enables the creation of policies that allow full visibility of content traffic and contain data loss at the endpoint without restricting device usage.

Advanced Defenses

  • Data Endpoint is the industry's first and only endpoint solution to support MAC OS X and Windows.
  • Fingerprints are compressed onto the endpoint to enable true offnetwork endpoint protection.
  • Data Endpoint is built on an open architecture, and includes an integrated policy framework with Websense Data Security Suite for centralized management and reporting of both network and endpoint data policies in a single, comprehensive DLP solution.

Granular Policy and Endpoint Control

  • Automated policy enforcement allows enterprises to log/audit, block, ask confirmation from user, and notify administrators when confidential information is copied to removable devices.
  • Unrivaled visibility and control over cut and paste, file access, screen capture, and print for client software applications, endpoints and peripheral devices.

How It Works

Websense data security solutions secure organizations against a wide range of data loss scenarios with a single policy framework for network and endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) and confidential data discovery using both local and network scans. These solutions are available as individual modules, or an integrated suite, enabling the highest level of deployment flexibility.

The individual modules available in Websense data security solutions offer specific DLP capabilities to suit organizations’ unique needs. Websense Data Security Suite includes all the modules offering a comprehensive solution. Additionally, we’ve embedded our enterprise-class DLP technology into our Web and email security solutions to enable organizations to easily adopt an expandable, fully capable solution to prevent inbound threats as well as manage outbound risks associated with data loss and regulatory compliance. Whether starting from the data loss prevention solutions embedded in Websense Web or email solutions or from deployment of individual data security modules, customers can quickly expand their deployment to Websense Data Security Suite to secure other channels as well as leverage the full data loss prevention capabilities.

Websense Data Endpoint Diagram

The Websense difference: DICE (Data Identification and Classification Engine)

Websense DICE combines rich classifiers with real-time contextual awareness of user, data and destination to provide high accuracy and consistent data loss prevention throughout the TRITON architecture. DICE supports three data categories: described, registered and learned. Described data includes regular expressions, dictionaries and natural language classifiers including over 1700 policies and templates. Registered data includes fingerprinting, which can be compressed and stored on the endpoint for off-network protection. Learned data is advanced machine learning technology that employs algorithms to analyze small samples of data to fill the gap between described and registered data for higher accuracy and efficiency. Data theft protection capabilities includes OCR of text within images, detection of custom encrypted files and password file theft, slow data leaks and geo-location awareness. DICE is ubiquitous for discovery, gateways and endpoints with policy management from a single console.

Websense Data Endpoint uses DICE to classify data in a contextually aware manner.
Websense Data Endpoint uses DICE to classify data in a contextually aware manner.

Key Features:

  • The first and only endpoint solution in the industry to support MAC OS X.
  • Fingerprints are compressed onto the endpoint to enable true off network endpoint protection
  • Automatically enforces policies, including block, application control/removal, audit/log, confirm, encrypt to USB and notify user.
  • Operates efficiently with minimal impact on endpoint, including the option to disable discovery when the endpoint is running on battery.
  • Discovers, classifies and automates remediation actions for sensitive data located on endpoints.

Reduced Cost and Complexity

Comprehensive DLP security coverage can include multiple software and hardware deployments, which can add to the overall solution cost and increase complexity. The increase in cost and complexity is the biggest challenge facing most DLP deployments. With Websense data security solutions, organizations can start with a small but effective DLP solution, such as Websense Web Security Gateway and upgrade to the Data Security Suite as their organizations and requirements grow. Additionally, the full Data Security Suite is easy to deploy and manage, and can be operational in under an hour. The high integration capabilities of Websense data security solutions also minimize the amount of hardware needed to deploy a comprehensive solution.

Unified Content Security Management and Reporting

Management and reporting capabilities are critical in any security solution deployment. Not only must they provide simple intuitive interfaces but they must also consolidate many tasks, sometimes spanning multiple security solutions. Websense data loss prevention solutions are managed by the Websense TRITON™ Console. It combines the management and reporting capabilities for Web, email, and data loss prevention technologies into a single Web-based interface resulting in greater visibility and control. It includes over 55 built-in reports, extensive customization capabilities, policy wizards, configuration templates, and other innovative capabilities to reduce cost and greatly simplify management tasks.

Whether deploying Websense Data Security Suite, one of the data security modules, or Web security or email security solutions, the Websense TRITON Console offers a single management solution for all your security needs today and into the future.

Protect your data.

Data Security Thousands of customers across 46 countriesUsing the intelligence and real-time security updates of the Websense Threatseeker® Network — a force made up of more than 900 million endpoints — plus threat detection analytics and behavior controls, Websense data security solutions offer the best protection against the loss or theft of your sensitive information.

Get practical and measurable DLP.

Our 9-Step Methodology and Execution Strategy provides a practical and measurable approach for using DLP to manage risk to information assets. Get increased confidence and support from your stakeholders and reduce your risk of data loss in as soon as 5 weeks.

Reduce cost and complexity.

Implementing a comprehensive DLP system using older technology and methods is costly and complicated. Websense data security solutions allow you to bypass these concerns by leveraging the unified Websense TRITON™ architecture. Avoid the re-routes of Web and email traffic that analysis traditionally requires, and reduce your DLP hardware footprint by 33 percent or more.

What do you need for DLP? (Whatever it is, we've got it.)

Websense Data Security Suite contains three modules — Data Security Gateway, Data Discover, and Data Endpoint — that can help you effectively manage the risk of losing your data to malicious users or accidental misuse. Each module can be licensed separately if you plan to start with one capability and later expand to others.

Websense DLP technology is also embedded into our Web and email security gateway solutions, providing another useful starting point for establishing your data protection program.

If you start from one of our gateways or from one of the three modules, you can quickly and easily expand your data protection capabilities by adding individual modules to your license or upgrading to the full Data Security Suite.

With Websense data security solutions, you can:

  • Prevent data loss by using real-time security intelligence and built-in theft prevention controls.
  • Reduce accidental data loss by identifying and remediating broken business processes and teaching users to stop risky behaviors.
  • Comply with regulations by using more than 1,600 pre-defined policy templates and an intuitive policy wizard.
  • Be conservative in your approach by starting with a single data security module and expanding to other modules or the full Data Security Suite at anytime.
  • Provide measurable results in risk reduction within 5 weeks by following the Websense 9-Step Methodology and Execution Strategy.
Websense Triton Dashboard
The TRITON Console gives you a user-friendly, Web-based interface for data security. When you're ready to expand your coverage, just install a simple key to get instant access to additional security controls.

Unified management and reporting.

The Websense TRITON™ Console gives you one intuitive, Web-based interface for management and reporting of Web, email, and data security solutions. It provides:

  • Greater visibility and control.
  • More than 55 built-in reports.
  • Extensive customization capabilities.
  • Policy wizards, configuration templates, and more.

Cut out cost and complexity.

With Websense data security solutions, you bypass the complexities and costs of multiple vendors and deployments. In fact, our full Data Security Suite is so easy to deploy and manage that you can have it up and running in under an hour. Less software, less hardware, lower cost, and less complexity


How Websense does DLP.

Let's say an employee attempts to upload sensitive information to a personal email account. The employee receives a warning or verification prompt before she can continue. Your IT staff immediately receives a report that shows the user, the URL and its Web category, and the type of information being sent.

Websense data security solutions give you:

  • Greater visibility into the context of incidents, allowing you to respond appropriately in real-time and accelerate program automation.
  • Detailed reports that provide actionable information at every step, saving you time during incident response and helping you understand user behavior throughout your organization. This visibility helps you decide which risk mitigation activities to pursue
Visability Alerts
Our destination awareness capability eliminates uncertainty, saves time, and preserves your sanity.

Context is the secret to response automation.

Knowing the content of data is critical. But so is knowing the context in which it is being used.

Any data security solution can identify content. Only Websense technology combines the identification of content and its context, allowing you to automate the appropriate response.

Here’s how it works:

  • Websense data security solutions use multiple content identification technologies. These range from identifying broad types of data using dictionaries and regular expressions, to identifying exact or partial pieces of information using PreciseID™ technology.
  • Websense User Service identifies users that try to upload sensitive data, while Websense Web Intelligence resolves the destination IP to a URL name and Web Category.
  • Organizations can set policies that notify users when they upload sensitive data to personal email accounts. If the data is destined for a malicious destination, its transmission can be blocked and the security team alerted.

Websense PreciseID

Application Awareness and Device Control on Endpoints

Employees create risk by copying data to peripheral storage devices from local applications. If an employee copies data from a business application to local email software, Websense reports on this event with details on the user, the endpoint, the confidential data, the application, and the destination for this data. Other endpoint DLP solutions provide insufficient visibility into applications and data, blocking actions which may actually include legitimate business activities.

Comprehensive Discovery for Efficient Remediation

Once a data breach has occurred, a current inventory of this data helps determine the possible sources of the loss. Websense Data Discover uses network scanning of data repositories to find confidential data in known locations, classify this data, and initiate remediation action including encryption or file removal. The incident management view includes a link to the specific file, the category in which this data falls (fingerprinted or regulated data), the file owner (to assign the incident for remediation), and any remediation action that has already been enforced to address the violation. When used with Websense Data Endpoint, which discovers data locally using a software agent, the solution provides comprehensive, scalable discovery for both online and offline systems

Simplicity is Websense specialty in data security.

Data security is a complicated business for Websense. For you, they've made it simple, with a solution that you can:

  • Manage from one unified console.
  • Download and install in just a few hours.
  • Deploy quickly with over 1,600 built-in policy rules.
  • Expand to cover Web or email DLP with a mouse click.

Websense Simplicity in Data Security
The goal of security is to protect your essential information – such as financial info, databases, and employee records – in all locations, including email, websites, PCs, laptops, USB drives, and printers.

Features & Benefits:

Advanced Defenses

  • Off-network protection.
  • Supports MAC OS X and Windows.
  • Portable decryption for USBs and portable media.
  • Automated policy enforcement.

Improved Protection

  • Block confidential data from being moved onto unapproved devices.
  • Monitor or block Print Screen operations of confidential data.
  • Encrypt sensitive information copied to removable devices.
  • Protect fingerprinted data even when the endpoint is off network.

Improve Process Flow

  • Enable end user self-remediation with administrator auditing.
  • Enable incident work flow through email notifications.
  • Enable both Data Endpoint and Cloud Web Security Gateway agents for complete advanced threat and data theft protection.

Your Needs Websense Solutions
Protect your data while employees work off network Websense advanced machine learning allows for the fingerprinting of large amounts of data with ease. Fingerprints are compressed and stored on the endpoint for true off-network endpoint protection.
Automated enforcement options including device control Keep your employees productive and your data secure with flexible enforcement options such as block/move/copy/print device to application, block screen print, user notification, user confirmation and audit/logging. Allow legitimate use of device if data is not confidential with data-centric device control.
Visibility into device, application, and storage of confidential data on enduser systems Device monitoring and control of removable storage, external hard drives, printing, burning to CDs/DVDs, copy/paste/screen print to clipboard and file access. Discovery by file type, size, age; ad-hoc or scheduled; full or differential scan. Classification by regulated data type such as credit card numbers.
Ease of deployment and administration Websense offers one unified console for gateway, endpoint and discovery for ease of management. Plus self-release remediation and update processes with admin auditing, and work flow through mail notifications.
Allow employees to use USBs and portable media while securing your data Portable decryption for USBs and portable media requires the user to supply a password before copying sensitive files to removable devices.
Extend your endpoint coverage to Mac OS X Websense is the first and only in the industry to extend data endpoint protection to Mac OS X.
Simplified and unified architecture for ease of use and lower TCO DICE is universal in all DLP capabilities and unified across all TRITON architecture.

Deployment Options:

Data Security Deployment

Data security gives you complete protection for:

  • Data in use
  • Data in transit
  • Data at rest

Our products also offer:

  • Easy installation (within hours)
  • Checklist configuration
  • High accuracy for maximum data protection and employee productivity
Choose the deployment option that makes most sense for your organization.
Product Why it's unique Who might choose this package

Data Security Suite

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The most comprehensive data security available. Protect your data wherever it goes:

  • Email
  • Web
  • Printers
  • USB drives
  • Laptops
  • Mobile email

This product is:

  • Fast to install
  • Easy to deploy
  • Instantly expandable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable

Companies that want the most comprehensive data security available.

This product includes all three Websense data security modules:

  • Data Security Gateway
  • Data Discover
  • Data Endpoint

Data Security Gateway

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Comprehensive network DLP that secures sensitive data from inadvertent or deliberate transmission outside the network. It monitors not only common network communication channels such as Web and email, but also FTP, ActiveSync for mobile email, and more. When sensitive data is found, DSG can block its transmission, log the incident, or automatically run a remediation action such as encrypting a payload or quarantining an email or custom script.

Websense Data Security Gateway offers:

  • Unrivaled visibility into web 2.0 applications, including real-time destination awareness of what data is sent and where, and by whom.
  • Automated, policy-based enforcement options, including block, quarantine, encrypt, audit/log, and user notification in real time.
  • Accurate identification of confidential data within image files using OCR.
  • A comprehensive set of data identification technologies - including standard policy templates for regulated data and fingerprinting of unique, business-specific confidential data.

Companies that want DLP on network, email, and Web.

Data Discover

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Agent and agent-less options perform discovery scans on specified network file shares, databases, email servers, data repositories, desktops, and laptops. Remediation actions include encrypt, remove file, replace file (i.e. tombstone), notify, audit, log, and/or use custom script. Features include:

  • Discovery and classification of confidential data stored on the data repositories.
  • Automated remediation actions for sensitive data found on data repositories.
  • Operational efficiency with minimal impact on server performance, using off-peak scheduling of scans.
  • Accurate identification of confidential data, leveraging PreciseID™ Natural Language Processing, digital fingerprints, and OCR.

Companies who want to monitor the storage locations of all their sensitive data.

Data Endpoint

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Extends visibility and control to endpoints, identifying:

  • What data is confidential
  • Who is using the data
  • How the data is being used
  • Where the data is being transferred

Provides unrivaled visibility and control of data-in-use based on the use of specific applications. Controls the use of capabilities such as copy-paste, screen capture, print, and copy to removable media, to enforce policies at the endpoint with high granularity. Features include:

  • Automated enforcement, including block, application control/removal, audit/log, confirm, encrypt to USB, and notify user.
  • Operational efficiency with minimal impact on endpoint, including options to disable discovery when using battery.
  • Discovery, classification, and automated remediation actions for sensitive data on endpoint.
  • Unrivaled visibility and control over copy-paste, file access, screen capture, and print for client software applications (including applications with evasive, encrypted network behavior, such as Skype), endpoints (regardless of location), and peripheral devices.

Companies that want to protect data that's in use outside your network on laptops, USB drives, and other similar devices.

Product Comparison:

Data Security & DLP Solutions
Websense - Web Security, Internet Filtering and Internet Security Software. Data Security Suite
data security suite
Data Discover
Data Discover
Data Security Gateway
Data Security Gateway
Data Endpoint
Data Endpoint
Data identification yes yes yes yes
Data-at-Rest yes yes    
Data-in-Motion yes   yes  
Data-in-Use yes     yes
Scan & Remediate yes yes    
Monitor & Respond yes   yes yes
SSL Inspection yes   yes yes
Mobile Email DLP
(ActiveSync agent prevents confidential emails and attachments from being accessed on mobile devices.)
yes   yes yes
Application Data Controls
(monitor cut, paste, copy, screen capture, file access)
yes     yes
USB Portable Decryption yes     yes
LAN Storage Controls yes     yes
1,600+ policies and templates by region and industry yes yes yes yes
Criminal Encrypted Uploads yes yes yes yes
Password File Data Theft yes yes yes yes
Drip (Behavioral) DLP yes   yes yes
OCR of text within images yes yes yes yes
Destination geo-location yes   yes yes
Advanced Machine Learning yes yes yes yes

Solutions for every customer
Websense - Web Security, Internet Filtering and Internet Security Software. Enterprise DLP solutions Channel DLP solutions
Data Discover Data Endpoint Data Security Gateway Data Security Suite TruEmail
Data identification yes yes yes yes yes yes
TRITON™ Console yes yes yes yes yes yes
Notifications yes yes yes yes yes yes
Network web traffic     yes yes   yes
Network email traffic     yes yes yes  
Endpoint web traffic   yes yes yes Available with:

- Email Security Gateway products

- TRITON products
Available with:

- Web Security Gateway products

- TRITON products
Endpoint email traffic   yes   yes
Endpoint web downloads   yes   yes
Outbound LAN storage   yes   yes
Removable media   yes   yes
Application control   yes   yes
Agent-based discovery yes yes   yes
Agent-less discovery yes     yes

Technical Specifications:

Supported Data Endpoints

Software Resources
Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012
  • Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8

Data Security Management Server

Minimum server requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 Standard or Enterprise, R2 (64-bit)
  • Two Quad-core Intel Xeon or AMD equivalent processors
  • 8 GB RAM - Four 146 GB hard drives
  • Two network interface cards


PDF File
Download the Websense Data Endpoint Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Websense Data Security
Websense Data Endpoint
Websense Data Endpoint, 250-499 User License, 1-Year
- Pricing Per user for Quantities 250-499
List Price: $21.18
Our Price: $18.00
Websense Data Endpoint, 500-1,000 User License, 1-Year
- Pricing Per user for Quantities 500-1,000
List Price: $17.50
Our Price: $14.88
For more than 1,000 User License,
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Websense Add-on Components
Websense Content Gateway, per User License, 1-Year
Note: with SSL
List Price: $5.00
Our Price: $4.25