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ThreatSeeker Network
Foundation of the Websense Technology

ThreatSeeker NetworkThe Websense ThreatSeeker Network, powered by the world's first Internet HoneyGrid, is the technology foundation for Websense Web security, email security, and data security solutions. It provides the intelligence that underlies Essential Information Protection™ by delivering real-time reputation analysis and expanded behavioral analysis. This gives users the most up-to-date protection possible from unwanted content and malicious threats.

ThreatSeeker Network globe monitors

To create the ThreatSeeker Network, Websense augmented its ThreatSeeker technology with organically developed and acquired email security, hosted security, and data loss prevention technologies from SurfControl and Port Authority. Websense then added dedicated content and email security specialists to the Websense Security Labs team of researchers. The result is a network of technology and human intelligence that creates an adaptive feedback network that uses more than 50 million real-time data collecting systems to parse one billion pieces of content daily. This allows Websense to provide customers with the most advanced content classification, data identification, and security filtering available to mitigate risks to customer data and productivity.

ThreatSeeker ACEThe ThreatSeeker Network supports the Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE). Ace is an advanced composite content classification engine embedded in Websense solutions and is part of the Websense TRITON™ solution. ACE surpasses legacy, point-based security technologies to accurately classify inbound and outbound risks by combining both traditional security with industry-leading content classification techniques.

ThreatSeeker OrganizationMany of today’s most virulent security threats are to the essential data held within an organization. The Websense ThreatSeeker Network is a state-of-the art technology that combines cutting-edge security research and industry-leading security solutions to uncover adaptive threats that pose risks to an organization's business.

Unlike commodity filtering solutions that rely on basic URL filters, outdated signature-based antivirus systems, and costly intrusion-prevention systems, Websense offers a superior approach that delivers real-time reputation analysis and expanded behavioral analysis to provide customers with the best protection against modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership.


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